Drawing Bean

Servoy Drawing Bean

This bean allows you to use your mouse cursor to draw over a blank canvas, or an image, and save the result back out as a flattened JPEG.

Plug-in Features

  • This plugin works in Smart Client only
  • Set background image of the canvas.
  • Set background color of the canvas.
  • Set brush/foreground color.
  • Set size.
  • Integrates with Image plugin so you can get the result back as a JSImage
    • Allows you to write the image to file, or save it in a MEDIA column.

More Info

Drawing Bean

Version 1.0

Servoy Version: 3.x – 5.x

Price: $350 / server

Try it: Contact us for a demo license and more information

Ph: (513) 296-0091
Email [email protected]