File Watcher Pro Plugin

Servoy FileWatcher Pro Plugin

This is a plugin that allows you to watch a file or folder for changes on the filesystem, and reports back events to your Servoy methods.

Plug-in Features

  • Watch a file or a folder
  • Completely recursive! When you watch a folder, you can watch all subfolders, all the way infinitely down into all child subfolders and files.
  • Cross Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Fast
  • Utilizes native file system calls through JNI instead of the limited Java handlers that are available.
  • Apply filters on the watched folders.
  • Watch for files with a certain name or extension.

More Info

FileWatcher Pro Plugin

Version 1.0

Servoy Version: 3.x – 5.x

Price: $350 / server

Try it: Contact us for a demo license and more information

Ph: (513) 296-0091
Email [email protected]