Web Services Plugin

Servoy Web Services Plugin

This is a plugin that allows you to easily expose methods in your solution to a web service and return back standard Servoy dataset objects from your webservice.

Plug-in Features

  • Open your Servoy methods up to a web service!
  • Access your web service through a standard URL
  • The sessions are persistent, unlike RESTful web services from Servoy. This gives you added benefits
  • The client works like a normal Servoy client.
  • Globals and table filters can be utilized.
  • Access to all of the other session based information that you need.
  • Simple and Secure
  • Setup a filter so only certain methods based on a naming convention can be accessed
  • Utilize standard Servoy security/login logic, or roll you own custom security.
  • Built-in functions to automatically convert a Servoy Dataset to JSON return format.
  • Easily pass in parameters, and return back JSON data.
  • Perfect for building mobile Apps where you need a persistent session.

More Info

WebServices Plugin

Version 1.0

Servoy Version: 3.x – 5.x

Price: $350 / server

Try it: Contact us for a demo license and more information

Ph: (513) 296-0091
Email [email protected]